Project titel: How does the physiotherapist manage to activate and reassure patients with low back pain?



  • Geïnteresseerde praktijken van het MSG Science Netwerk Fysiotherapie    Vu AMC

 VU-vertegenwoordiging / begeleiding

  • Marianne Donker, PhD
  • dr. Raymond Ostelo (VU, Health Sciences; Epidemiology and Biostatistics)

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The Guideline of the professional association KNGF for low back pain (Staal et al 2017) describes the aims, timeline, numbers of treatments and the preferred treatments for low back pain. They stated that is important to hold back form passive treatment. The aims of the treatment have to focus on self-sustainability and activation of the patient. They advise to be reserved concerning electrotherapy, TENS and UKG due to a lack of evidence for these treatments. Although from research and evaluation of health care it appears that reassurance, activation and exercises is the best strategy to cope with low back pain. This is also the advice as mentioned in guidelines. This may contrast with the usual care of physiotherapist to treat musculoskeletal disorders such as low back pain by using hands on treatment like massage or manipulation to relieve complaints and pain. It is not yet known if and in what way the advice to stay active, to do exercises and to have more attention to self-management is integrated in the daily practice of physiotherapists, manual therapist and chiropractors. It is believed that therapist as well as patients have an intrinsic motivation to work and to be treated according to scientific knowledge and developing guidelines. For Low Back Pain is advised to reassure and activate the patient. Nevertheless, in daily practice reassurance and activation of patients may be not as easy as in sounds due to different hurdles in daily practice such as skills, habits, expectations of both patients and professionals, organization structure and finance. It is unknown what is the best way to implement new insights and guidelines in daily practice. Therefore, the experiences of therapists regarding the treatment of low back pain, with the focus on reassurance and activation may shed a light on this

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